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General information

The map shows a graphical representation of the world, and is the key tool for navigating through the game. Just drag and drop on the map to move, or just use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

There are two maps available for you;

  • The normal map, which shows you basic informations about other villages, and your neighbourhood. You can see your villages indicated by yellow, and your current/active village by white colour. Hovering your mouse over a village will show you basic information about the village. Clicking on a village will give you a number of possible actions related to that village, such as the sending of troops or resources (see Map context menu for details).
  • The world map is a very useful feature. Just click on the globe icon in the bar on the bottom of the screen. A new window will appear, and you just have to give some informations about the searched village, or player. If you are looking for coordinates, just wite them into the fields, and jump to the locations.




The map is divided into max. 100 kingdoms, each about 100x100 squares in size. Every kingdom has its own name and also its own ranking. All kingdoms are separated by rivers, that's how you can distinguish them on the map.

The image below shows how the continents could be laid out. Every world looks a bit different.

(todo: image here)


Each kingdom is made up of numerous provinces. How many provinces there are is different on every world. Also the size of provinces differs from world to world.

The border of the provinces are marked by small stones which create a line:



Remember that you may receive a 50% moral reduction if you launch an attack into a province where you do not have a church. Always check your moral value in your attack screen.

Every province has a so-called landmark, where you can access the province ranking.

Here are some Landmark examples:


Village types

Point Range Player Village Barbarian Village
0 - 299 Town01.png Btown01.png
300 - 999 Town02.png Btown02.png
1000 - 2999 Town03.png Btown03.png
3000 - 8999 Town04.png Btown04.png
9000 - 10999 Town05.png Btown05.png
Over 11000 Town06.png Btown06.png
Village containing Fortress Town07.png Btown07.png

If a village was plundered by your troops, there is a fire effect shown in it. If there are only a few flames, the village still has some resources left to plunder. If the fire is huge, you have plundered all resources and there is nothing left to take.

The flames will disappear after 6 hours. You can change this value in the settings window.