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This building allows you to summon the Paladin. Each player can only have one Paladin.



The Statue allows you to host your Paladin, a formidable warrior who will be an invaluable help on your way to dominance.

When the Paladin has been summoned, you can equip him with a variety of weapons that suit your particular battle style.


The Statue becomes available when your Headquarters have reached level 2.

Statue Overview

Statue building information
Level Wood.png Clay.png Iron.png Provisions.png Points Technology Hit Points
1 220 220 220 0 6 - 3
2 610 610 610 0 7 Forced march 3
3 1,691 1,691 1,691 0 9 - 4
4 4,689 4,689 4,689 0 10 - 4
5 13,000 13,000 13,000 0 12 Faithful Paladin 4

Statue Research

Statue research information
Level Requirement Name Description
2 Forced march This research allows armies to move at cavalry speed during support operations, but only if they are accompanied by the Paladin.
5 Faithful Paladin Your armies no longer receive a 50% battle malus when you attack into a new province, in which you don't own a church.

Building levels

The maximum level of the Statue is 5.

Level 1 - 2 Level 3 - 4 Level 5
Statue lvl 1-2.png Statue lvl 3-4.png Statue lvl 5.png
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