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Reports are generated for your account after a variety of events, such as after an attack on a village has occured. You will also receive reports for trades, supports, tribal invites and many other things. To view your reports, click on "Reports" in the main menu.

Report types

Reports are automatically sorted into one of the following categories:

Battle Reports:

  • Attacks
  • Defenses
  • Spy Reports
  • Support

Other Reports

  • Trade
  • Achievements
  • Tribe notifications

You can either view all reports, or select reports per category by using the filter menu on the left of the screen. Simply click on the arrow button below the tabs.

You can also use the live-search option to find specific reports if you click the search button below the tabs.

Sometimes you won't need particular reports or you will get too many of them. In that case you can set up a filter. You can find that option in the Settings tab. Once you have activated it, you will not receive any further reports until you remove the filter.

Reports are automatically deleted after a while. If you want to keep reports permanently you have to favorite them.


When you get a successful spy report, this will automatically be shared with all your tribe members. Shared reports are accessible from the village information window. If another player spies the same village at a later time, this newer report will replace the old one.

Report icons

Icon Description
Good.png The battle did not cause any losses

or: A spy attempt was successful (as attacker)

or: A spy attempt was successfully foiled (as defender)

Mid.png You won the battle but your troops suffered casualties

or: Your spies found something but were exposed and maybe some of them died (as attacker)

or: A spy attempt was discovered and countermeasures initiated (as defender)

Bad.png You lost the battle

or: Your spies were defeated and failed to find out anything (as attacker)

or: You were spied on and no countermeasures were triggered (as defender)

Haul.png Your troops did not bring home as many resources as they could have carried, because there were not enough resources in the attacked city
Full haul.png Your troops looted as many resources as they could carry, but had to leave some behind

Report Actions

Report actions.png

In the lower left side of the reports window, there is a drop down menu where you can perform actions for more than one report at a time. You can mark reports as favorite and vice versa, you can mark unread reports as read and vice versa, you can delete favorite and/or un-favorite reports. You can also delete all reports at once, despite if they’re marked as favorite/un-favorite, read/unread. But be careful, this action cannot be reversed. All your reports will be lost!

Last Report

From your village information window you'll be able to see the last time you attacked a village. Report icons providing useful information if the last attack was successful or if you loot resources. You're able to see only your reports and not reports from other players. Spy reports are not affected by this function; they;re still shared with all your tribemates.