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Every player is presented with a series of quests in the beginning of the game. By completing these quests you gain rewards, such as resource boosters, premium features, units, etc.

There are different types of quests, all of which are separated into different quest groups. The quests' focus is to guide you through your first steps in the game.

Where can I find the quests?

Help quests.png

You can find the quests on the left. They will be looking like the picture to the right.

Each quest group is made up of a number of quests that need to be done before you can continue to new quests.

When a quest is done, the quest will be marked with an icon looking like a chest, like this: Quest Finish.png

The quests

The Resources

Name Description Demand Rewards
Welcome to Tribal Wars 2 Now that you mastered the tutorial you should get yourself familiar with the other aspects of the game. Let's start by learning how to get those precious resources! Reach building level 1 for the Timber Camp 2 x Build Cost Reduction
Your Timber Camp There are three resources: Wood, Clay and Iron. You need them to build and to recruit units. At the beginning of the game you will need plenty of Wood!

Upgrade the level of your Timber Camp to increase your Wood production.

Reach building level 2 for the Timber Camp 100 x Wood
Your Clay Pit Clay is used mainly for buildings. You will need tons of it to develop your village.

Upgrade the level of your Clay Pit to increase your Clay production.

Reach building level 1 for the Clay Pit 100 x Clay
Your Iron Mine Iron becomes important a little later in the game. It is used mainly for units. If you want to have a huge army, you will need a lot of Iron!

Upgrade the level of your Iron Mine to increase your Iron production.

Reach building level 1 for the Iron Mine 100 x Iron

First Steps!!!

Name Description Demands Rewards
Your Farm People want to eat. This is where your fourth resource comes into play: Provisions. You get Provisions from your Farm. You need them to support your buildings and units. Reach building level 2 for the Farm Wood Booster
Your inventory!!!rew Access your inventory by clicking the 'Shop / Inventory' button at the bottom of the screen. Items, like the ones you get from quests, are stored there. Most of them you can use directly in the inventory. They will be applied to your current village. Use the item once: Wood Booster 20 Axe Fighters
Your Warehouse!!!rew Wood, Clay and Iron are stored in your Warehouse. But its capacity is limited: You will lose any resources that you cannot store! Make sure to upgrade your Warehouse to be able to keep more of each resource. Reach building level 2 for the Warehouse 200 x Wood
200 x Clay
200 x Iron

Second Steps!!!

Name Description Demand Rewards
Attack the barbarians!!!rew More fun than producing resources is looting them! Why don't you go and raid a Barbarian Village. Send some units! Later you will learn to optimize your army in regards to traveling time, the carrying capacity for loot, the combat strength and the discipline. But for now, Spearmen will do just fine! Fight one battle with at least 10 Spearmen 200 x Wood
200 x Clay
200 x Iron
Attack protection!!!task Don't worry about incoming attacks quite yet. For the first number of days every player is protected from attacks. However, if you attack another player in this time, your attack protection will end immediately. The good news: Barbarians are no players. Feel free to attack their villages and loot their resources!

Check the top right of your screen, under the units. The time remaining for your attack protection is displayed there.

Fight two battles with at least 20 Axe Fighter 2 x Master of Loot

More Resources

Name Description Demand Rewards
The building queue There is a limit to upgrading your buildings: At the beginning you can work on 1 building and have another building project queued up. You can see your building queue list in the Headquarters and at the right of your screen.

Click on the first building in the list. You will see the level under construction and the time it takes to complete. If you cancel a building project, you get a refund of 90% of the invested resources.

Reach building level 3 for the Timber Camp 200 x Wood
Deepening the Clay Pit Check the menu of one of your resource buildings. There you can see the exact amount of the current production as well as the production at the next level. If you need more resources, you can increase your production by using a booster. It will provide a 20% bonus! Reach building level 3 for the Clay Pit 200 x Clay
More mines and timelines Press the arrow button at the bottom of the screen. That opens up the Timeline. It is a very useful tool to monitor all actions involving your current village. The upper half shows army movements, while the lower part displays all building and recruiting efforts. Reach building level 3 for the Iron Mine 200 x Iron

The Hero

Name Description Demand Rewards
The hero's likeness The Paladin is leading your units into battle. He is a very powerful entity. Later on you will be able to equip him with weapons that grant bonuses to your army. But there can be only one true hero - you cannot have more than one Paladin at a time. Reach building level 1 for the Statue Instantly recruit the paladin
Summon a hero Of course you need a real hero to lead your units into battle! Use the Statue to summon a Paladin. It will take the Paladin some time to arrive.

You can speed up the time by using the item that you get from the previous quest.

Summon a Paladin 2 x Master of Loot
The unknown hero A true hero needs a name. Choose one worthy of your mighty Paladin! Rename Paladin once Instantly recruit the paladin

Get an Overview!!!name

Name Description Demand Rewards
Wagonloads of resources You can never have enough resources. Because you will always need them, your resource buildings are the cornerstone for your growth. Upgrade them so that you always have a fixed income of resources and don't rely on plundering other villages only. Reach building level 5 for the Timber Camp
Reach building level 5 for the Clay Pit
Reach building level 5 for the Iron Mine
400 x Wood
400 x Clay
400 x Iron
The art of multitasking!!!rew The bigger your empire gets, the more challenging it will be to manage it. To help you keep track you can mark villages. Click on any village on the map and choose 'Add groups' from the radial menu. The groups will help you to easily identify threats and opportunities. Recruit one Spearman Build Cost Reduction
Knights, assemble!!!task If you want to be a successful general, listen up! Click on the 'Units' button in the main menu. The menu that opens up provides an excellent overview of all military activity in connection with the current village. You can easily see all army movements as well as all units currently in the village. Fight one battle with at least 20 Spearmen 2 x Master of Loot
Knowledge is powe!!!new For many buildings you can unlock special technologies. However, you need to get the buildings to a certain level to do so. Why don't you unlock the 'Attic' for the Warehouse? Reach level 3 for Warehouse 200 x Wood
200 x Clay
200 x Iron

The Capitol!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
The Headquearters The Headquarters are the centre of your village. Upgrade them to unlock new buildings. Also with every level of your headquarters the building times of all builings will go down. Reach building level 3 for Headquarters 300 x wood
More corn Keep in mind that both buildings and units need provisions. Make sure you always have enough provisions, upgrade your farm again. Reach building level 3 for the Farm 300x clay
More space Your farm provides provisions, it does not produce them. But your resource buildings always do. Make sure that your Warehouse is always big enough to store the resources. Reach building level 4 for Warehouse 300 x iron


Name Description Demand Rewards
The art of recruiting Spearmen are great for a start. But you will need something better soon. Upgrade your Barracks to higher levels to unlock other unit types. Upgrading them has another benefit: With every level of your Barracks, the recruitment time decreases! Reach building level 2 for the Barracks 20 Spearmen
Spearmen first! Spearmen are great at the beginning. They are a reliable defensive unit and are good at looting other villages. Click on the 'Info' icon on the units in the menu of the Barracks to get details about their strengths and weaknesses! Recruit one Spearmen 10 Swordsmen
Knowledge is power After every battle you will receive a detailed report. You will see how many units attacked, how many defended, whether you've won or lost and how much resources were looted. Click on the 'Reports' button in the main menu to check it. Fight one battle with at least 10 Spearmen 200 x Wood
200 x Clay
200 x Iron

The hospital!!!

Name Description Demand Rewards
First aid!!!rew There will be bloody battles fought in your villages, with casualties on both sides. If you have a Hospital, some of your defending units can be saved! They will be put into the sickbed and healed. After 6 hours you can discharge them and put them back into action. Reach building level 1 for the Hospital 2 x Doctor
The importance of resources The Hospital is a great building. As are so many others — with all these fantastic buildings, never lose sight of your resource buildings. They are the key to develop your village and to set up an empire! Reach building level 7 for the Timber Camp
Reach building level 7 for the Clay Pit
Reach building level 7 for the Iron Mine
Iron Booster
Feed them!!!rew Your people need to eat. Never lose sight of your Provisions. There is hardly anything more annoying than saving up resources for a certain building only to find out that you don't have enough Provisions available to build it. Reach building level 4 for the Farm 2 x Master of Loot

Plan Preset!!!

Name Description Demand Rewards
A winning strategy!!!rew Presets are a great way of making your life as a general easier. Use them to set default armies for attacks.

Once you created a preset at your Rally Point, it appears in the radial menus of other villages. Select it, and an attack will be launched with the units and officers you set before!

Reach building level 2 for the Rally Point Building cost reduction
Global plans There will be a time when you control many villages. Don't worry, you won't have to set the presets again and again for each of your villages — they are always saved in a global list. From that list, you can easily assign them to your villages as you like! Create one army preset 2 x Grandmaster
Plan of Attack Let's see your preset in action! Use it to attack a village. Select 'Presets' from the radial menu of a village you want to attack. Now you can choose from all the presets that are active in your village. Fight one battle with at least 10 Spearmen 2 x Doctor

The Art of War!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Two ways Offense or defense, agression or caution, that is the question. However you decide, you can recruit units for either way. Recruit units for 20 farmspaces 200 x clay
The right calculation Prepare your attacks wisely. Choose a weaker opponent, close enough to get the faith bonus. Take your best units and officers into battle and don't forget to take morale into the equation. But even with the best plans, in the end of luck may still decide the outcome. Fight 3 battles with at least 20 farm spaces 200 x Wood
200 x iron


Name Description Demand Rewards
The power of Faith Faith is an important factor when it comes to the combat strength of your units. If you don't have a village with a Chapel or Church in a province, your units will go into battle with only 50% of their strength there.

Your first village already has a Chapel. That means your units fight at full strength in your starting province. Provinces are encircled by boundary stones.

Reach building level 1 for the Chapel 2 x Build Cost Reduction
The Faith of your units!!!task Select a Barbarian Village outside of your province. Check the 'Combat strength' on the 'Send Army' window - it should be at 50%. Compare it with a Barbarian Village in your province. Your units fight at 100% there. You see: The Faith of your units is of great importance! Fight one battle with at least 10 Axe Fighters and a Paladin 2 x Master of Loot
Your Wall Units are not your only line of defense: Protect your villages against attacks with Walls. They offer a basic defense and provide a bonus to your defending units. And they get better with every level! Reach building level 1 for the Wall 2 x Doctor

Market Barker!!!

Name Description Demand Rewards
It's all about the business. There is another way of getting the precious resources you need: Trading! All you need is a Market and you can start trading with other players. Every level of your Market will bring new merchants and increase the amount you can trade! Reach building level 1 for the Market 600 x Wood
600 x Clay
600 x Iron
Deal or no deal!!!rew If you want to trade, you first need a Market where you can place offers. Any other player can accept them. Your merchants will take your resources and transport them to the player you trade with. In return, their merchants will deliver the resources you're looking for to you. Create one market offer 2 x Build cost reduction
An offer you cannot refuse!!!rew Maybe you don't even need to create an offer. Before you do, check the Market first. Maybe another player put up the perfect offer for you already! Accept one market offer Instant trade

Village Improvements!!!

Name Description Demand Rewards
Level 10 You need a constant flow of resources coming in. Never forget about developing your resource buildings. They are the backbone of your village! Reach building level 10 for the Timber Camp
Reach building level 10 for the Clay Pit
Reach building level 10 for the Iron Mine
1000 x Wood
1000 x Clay
1000 x Iron
More units!!!taskrew The more units you have, the better. Your Barracks should never be idle. As a rule of thumb, try to have at least twice as many units in your village as you have village points. Recruit 10 Spearmen 10 Swordsmen
Farm farming!!!rew The more units you have, the more Provisions you need. And buildings use them, too. It goes without saying that you should upgrade your Farm as much as possible. Reach building level 6 for the Farm 2 x Master of Loot

Hard work!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
No neglect Wood on wood, brick on brick, iron on iron. Produce as much as possible! Reach building level 12 for the Timber Camp
Reach building level 12 for the Clay Pit
Reach building level 12 for the Iron Mine
1000 x Wood
1000 x Clay
1000 x Iron
No waste Unused resources are wasted resources. The only time you should keep them back in your warehouse is when saving for a certain building upgrade. Reach level 6 for the Warehouse 2 x Grandmaster
No delay Experienced warlords constantly regroup their armies, even right before the battle. You can create presets in the Rally Point or use the Send Army menu. Reach building level 3 for the Rally Point 20 spearmen

The way of defence!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Sword and shield Spearman are great units, but not for all purposes. Upgrade your barrack to unlock new units. Reach building level 3 for Barracks. 10 swordsmen
Defenders You need a good defence for your village. Choose among four different defensive units. Spearman are good against cavalry units, Swordsmen take down infantry units easily and archers are effective against other archer units. Heavy Cavalry is very expensive , but they are the elite of defense, as have no weak points. Recruit 10 swordsman 10 archers
Support There will be times when you rather want to defend another village instead of attacking it. The good news: You can do so! Send your army as usual, but instead of 'Attack' choose 'Support'. Your units will help defend the supported village until you call them back or the owner of the village sends them home. Support one village with at least 1 spearman 2 x tactician

The Flow of Resources!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Increase production Isn't it great how the resources are now coming in? But you need more! Reach building level 12 for Timber Camp, level 12 for Clay Pit and level 12 for Iron Mine 1500 wood
1500 clay
1500 iron
Store more Upgrading the Warehouse is very important. But if you are really active and use your resources constantly, you won't need the biggest Warehouse right from the start. Reach level 10 for Warehouse 1200 x wood
A thousand harvests Upgrade your farm again to reach the first 1,000 provisions. That is a great step! Reach level 10 for Farm 1200 x clay

Preparations!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Efficient training Upgrade your Barracks to speed up recruiting. Later on you will need a high to win arm races. Reach building level 4 for Barracks. 10 spearmen
Foresight Even the best laid plans can change at times. Here is a hint: If you place multiple small unit instead of one big one, you can easily cancel some of them without loosing too much. Recruit units for at least 40 farmspaces. 5 x light cavalry
Ready or not? Don't forget upgrading your Wall in time. Once the attack protection runs out it might already be too late. Reach level 3 for Wall. 200 x clay
Your officers An army is as good as it's officers. Use them to make your units stronger. Take the Master of Loot for example: He increases the speed and the carrying capacity of your whole army. He is the perfect choice for raiding a Barbarian Village quickly! Fight 5 battles with at least 20 provisions. 2 x Master of Loot

Constant Growth!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
The need for resources You are not done, yet. The more your village growth, the more resources you need. Reach building level 16 for Timber Camp, Clay Pit and Iron Mine 1800 wood
1800 clay
1800 iron
The need for space The Warehouse needs to be big enough to hold all thoose resources you produce and plunder! Reach level 14 for Warehouse 2 x Master of Loot
Left, 2, 3, 4! A big army needs a large Rally Point. And you want a big army, right? Reach level 4 for Rally Point. 20 x swordsmen
The need for corn If you want a big army, you need to able to feed them. Hungry troops would be bad fighters! Reach building level 14 for Farm 1600 x clay

The Way of the Builder!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Raise more resources Keep the resources coming in, as quickly as possible. The more resources you have, the more you can spend. Reach building level 18 for Timber Camp, Clay Pit and Iron Mine 2000 wood
2000 clay
2000 iron
Saving for success Expensive upgrades need careful planning and patient saving. And a high level of your Warehouse. Reach level 18 for Warehouse 2 x Grandmaster
Farm up! Whatever you do, your city is the cornerstone for your success. The level of your Farm can't be high enough! Reach level 18 for the Farm. 2000x iron

The Way of Offense!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Axes First, make a plan which units you would like to recruit. Then, upgrade your Barracks accordingly. Go ahead, and unlock Axe Fighters! Reach building level 5 for the Barracks. 20 x Axe Fighters
Amass! You want to send an attack? Choose among three different offensive units. Axe fighters are inexpensive and effective in large numbers. The Light cavalry is expensive, but great at quickly looting Barbarian Villages. Mounted archers are perfect for attacking villages that have no defending archers. Recruit 20 Axe fighter 20 x Light Cavalry
Attacks Big surprise here: Offensive units are best used for attacks. They are not good at defending, so keep them moving. Fight 5 battles with at least 20 provisions 2000x iron

Military Might!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Training Grounds The better the descipline of your units the more accurate you can predict their arrival time. Raise their discipline by unlocking the Training Grounds. Reach building level 7 for the Barracks. 400 x wood
400 x clay
400 x iron
Walled-off Never underestimate the importance of having a good defense in place. You do not want to be caught off guard by counterattacks have a strong Wall ready! It will protect you and cause losses to everyone attacking you. Reach building level 4 for Wall. 600 x clay
Offense is the best defense Fight the battles you can win, avoid the battles you will lose. In case of an incoming attack, send your offensive units away. This way, they won't be in your village when the attack happens. Their defense is very low, and you risk heavy losses otherwise. Fight 5 battles with at least 20 provisions 2 x Master of Loot

Secrets of Success!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Points don't fight It is never wrong to have many points. If don't know what to get next in a village, go for units. Units fight, points don't! Reach building level 10 for the Barracks. 20 Archers
Achilles' heel Know your enemy, and use his weakness to beat him. If you are playing offensively look at the units your enemy recruits. In case he has a lot of spearmen, attack with Axemen, if he likes Swordsmen, go for Light Cavalry. Recruit units for at least 40 farmspaces 5 Mounted Archers
Speed bumb When you get attacked the Wall might get damaged. Be clever and unlock the Wall's technologies - this way you can rebuild it much faster! Reach building level 5 for the Wall 800 x wood
Use the units (Go out and fight!!! Let the barbarian feel your power.) Never forget to send your attackers out on plundering missions. Keep them at home and you quickly come to a standstill. Fight 10 battles with at least 20 provisions 3 x Master of Loot

The Way of Siege!!! NEW

Name Description Demand Rewards
Get ahead You ever tried to hold a city with a siege tower? Bad idea! Siege units are great for crushing your enemies, but bad when it comes to defending your village. Go for them whenever you are in a leading position to get ahead of your enemies. Reach building level 13 for the Barracks. 20 Archers
Crunch Walls If you want to wreak havoc on a village don't forget your siege weapons at home! Rams take down the enemy village's Wall, while Catapults can be used to damage any building of your choice. Recruit 5 Ram 10 Catapults
Breach in the Wall Can you already see the hole in the wall. Victory is close, but you will need regular units besides your siege wepons to secure it. Never send your engines of war into battle alone. Always send some infantry units along! Fight 10 battles with at least 30 provisions 2000 x clay

Blue Blood

Name Description Demand Rewards
The Academy Expand your empire! Get more villages! But alas, it is not quite that easy! You will need Noblemen to do so. And to attract people of royal blood, you need to have an Academy first. Reach building level 1 for the Academy 10000 x Wood
10000 x Clay
10000 x Iron
Mint a Coin Your Nobleman will not come for free. You need a Coin to recruit him. And every other Nobleman after that will require even more Coins: You need 2 to recruit your second Nobleman, and already 6 Coins for your third.

Coins are not bound to villages. You can mint them in any village you like and they will still be added together. And don't worry about the investment: If you lose a village or a Nobleman, you can get a new Nobleman without the need of new Coins.

Mint one Coin Build Queue Increase
The Nobleman Noblemen are used to conquer villages. Attack a village and take a Nobleman along. If you win the battle, the village's loyalty will be reduced. Once it falls below 0, the Nobleman will leave your army and seize control of the village for you! Have one Nobleman 2 x Deceiver

Your Order

Name Description Demand Rewards
The Hall of Orders The Hall of Orders allows you to specialize your village. Use it to select one of three Orders: Choose the 'Templar Knights' if you are an offensive player. Go for the 'Teutonic Knights' Order when you prefer to play defensively. The 'Thieves Guild' is useful for advanced players with many villages. Reach building level 1 for the Hall of Orders 10 Berserkers
Your choice All three Orders grant different bonuses. Some provide you with unique units that you can recruit in the Hall of Orders. Even better: You can recruit in the Barracks and the Hall of Orders at the same time!

Upgrade your Hall of Orders to level 2.

Reach building level 2 for the Hall of Orders Trebuchet


Name Description Demand Rewards
The Tavern Where do you find shady figures, willing to take on more secretive tasks? In your Tavern, of course! Go there to recruit Spies and to plan countermeasures against enemy agents. Reach building level 1 for the Tavern 4000 x Wood
4000 x Clay
4000 x Iron
Spy & Security Once you have a Tavern, you can recruit your first Spy. For every Spy after that you will have to research a technology in the Tavern first to unlock him. Train one Spy 2 x Build Cost Reduction
Secret mission Spies are great at preparing attacks. Send them to gather crucial information about buildings or units in an enemy village. If there are no enemy Spies there, your mission will automatically be successful. Otherwise, there is a chance of failure. Scout once Unlock Technology
Countermeasures The only thing better than fighting off enemy Spies is to deceive them. Research and activate different countermeasures to do so. When an enemy has sent Spies into your village, there is a chance that your active countermeasures will trigger.

'Camouflage' fools enemy Spies about building levels, 'Dummies' sets up fake units and 'Switch Weapons' disguises two unit types. 'Exchange' works a little differently: it allows you to obtain information from enemy spies instead!

Activate one countermeasure 4 x Master of Loot

Second Village

Name Description Demand Rewards
Preparation is key You don't want to conquer a village just to lose it again. You need to be able to defend it, once it joins your empire! Prepare by having a large army ready. Have units for at least 3000 Provisions 100 Spearmen
100 Swordsmen
A noble attack Remember? To take over a village, you need to reduce its loyalty below 0 with your Noblemen.

Once you conquer a village, all of your surviving units will stay in the new village as support. Also, the village's loyalty will be set to 25.

Fight one battle with at least one Nobleman 6 x Master of Loot
Make the world yours Congratulations! You've mastered all the basics of Tribal Wars 2. However, as you play the game you will soon figure out more tricks and tactics. Go for it and conquer the world! Have 2 Headquarters on level 1 5000 x Wood
5000 x Clay
5000 x Iron