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== Premium ==
== Premium ==

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Premium is a feature of the game which allows a player to gain certain advantages in-game through the use of various officers, reducing the time it takes to raise buildings, build instantly, getting production boosts and more. Tribal Wars 2 is a free-to-play cross-platform title, and it is thanks to this payment model that many of our players can enjoy the game for free. So, these payments allow the game to exist and pay for its continuing development.


There are a number of ways how you can acquire Crowns. Each of them is different and provides different amounts. You may receive Crowns by:

  • Purchasing them
  • Earning them


Once you open the payment window, you will see three options: Rate, Payment method and Pay.

  • Rate: You must select the amount you want to purchase. They range from 200 to 7.000 Crowns.
  • Payment method: You may select the payment method of your choice. There are different payment options that can be used for purchasing Crowns. Simply choose the option you favor.
  • Pay: You have to click "Buy" and follow the instructions for the payment.

You can also purchase Crowns via phone or SMS.

  • Rate: You must select the amount you want to purchase. They range from 50 to 200 according to the country.
  • Payment method: There are 2 methods, phone and SMS. The providers might differ from country to country.


As with buying Crowns, you will have to start the process through the Payment window. However, instead of selecting the amount you wish to purchase, you can click on the Earn Your Crowns button. This will bring up a list of all of the current offers available. This is done in cooperation with Fyber, an outside company, which then credits your account with the Crowns. Please be aware that sometimes this can take longer than directly purchasing the Crowns. However, once credited, you will receive a report letting you know that you have the Crowns.



Icon Name Ability
Full leader.png Grandmaster Increases the attack power of an attacking army by 10%.
Full masterOfLoot.png Master of Loot Increases the carrying capacity of an attacking army by 50%. Also increases the speed of the entire army to Light Cavalry speed when attacking Barbarian villages. You also have a chance to upgrade a resource building if your target was a Barbarian village.
Full doctor.png Medic Reduces the amount of casualties of an attacking army by 10%.
Full deceiver.png Deceiver Slows the travel speed of the entire army down to that of a nobleman's.
Full ranger.png Ranger The attacking army only engages in battle if they would be victorious, otherwise they return home.
Full supporter.png Tactician Raises the speed of a supporting army to light cavalry speed.


Icon Name Ability
Wood boost.png Wood Booster Increases the Wood production in a village by 20% for 7 days. It is activated separately per village.
Clay boost.png Clay Booster Increases the Clay production in a village by 20% for 7 days. It is activated separately per village.
Iron boost.png Iron Booster Increases the Iron production in a village by 20% for 7 days. It is activated separately per village.


Icon Name Ability
Loot protect.png Loot Protection Increases the storage for protected resources by 50% for 7 days.
Build queue.png Build Queue Increase Adds another slot to the building queue.
Attack protect.png Attack Protection Increases the Attack Protection by 3 days.
Cost reduction.png Cost Reduction Decreases the cost of a building by 20% once.
Instant build.png Instant build Finishes a building instantly.
Instant trade.png Instant Trade You may trade resources instantly.