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Description The Paladin protects your villages and can also lead your units into battle. Each player may only have one. The Paladin can be equipped with weapons that give your army bonuses.
Requirements Statue level 1
Special abilities none
Price Wood.png 0 Clay.png 0 Iron.png 0 Provisions.png 1 Buildtime.png 6 hours
Values Attack.png 150 Defense.png 250 Cavalry defense.png 400 Archer defense.png 150 Load capacity.png 100

You can recruit one paladin from your statue. You can also rename your paladin if you want to. If the paladin dies a new one can be recruited.

The paladin is a good addition to your looting units at the beginning of the game. He reduces your losses and can also carry quite a few resources. He can also assist your defence. He is most effective when a lot of your friends or tribe members send their units and their paladins to one player. This way even very large armies can be defeated.

The paladin also plays an important role later in the game, since he increases the speed of your defensive units. Every support unit that you send with your paladin marches as fast as he does if you have researched "Forced march". For example, sword fighters walk more than twice as fast as they would without him. As soon as you have built several statues, you can also let your paladin move between your villages.

Another ability of the paladin is that he can carry mighty weapons which influence the strength of one unit type in attack and defense.

If the paladin is located in a village with statue at level 5, you have a faithful paladin which helps you to attack into a new province: when he is with your attacking units, the units attack with 100% faith, even if you do not own a church or chapel in that province.

The attack strength of a unit type is only increased if the army is accompanied by the paladin and he has equipped the respective weapon.

The defensive strength of a unit type is only increased if the paladin is stationed in the attacked village and equipped with the related weapon. Several paladins with the same weapon do not increase the strength of a unit type more than once. But paladins with different weapons can increase the strength of multiple unit types.


Weapon Quest Bonus

Halberd of Guan Yu

Plunder resources Increases attack and defense strength of Spearmen

Paracelsus' Longsword

Defeat units as defender Increases attack and defense strength of Swordsmen

Thorgard's Battle Axe

Attack villages (not unique) Increases attack and defense strength of Axe Fighters

Nimrod's Longbow

Defeat units as supporter Increases attack and defense strength of Archers

Mieszko's Lance

Defeat units as attacker Increases attack and defence strength of Light Cavalry

Nimrod's Composite Bow

Defeat complete armies

(at least 2000 provisions worth)

Increases attack and defense strength of Mounted Archers

Baptiste's Banner

Support in battles

(at least 2000 provisions worth)

Increases attack and defense strength of Heavy Cavalry

Carol's Morning Star

Destroy wall levels Increases attack and defense strength of Rams

Aletheia's Bonfire

Destroy building levels Increases attack and defense strength of Catapults

Vasco's Scepter

Conquer villages Increases effectiveness of Noblemen