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Main Menu

In the main menu, you have access to the most important features.

The first block contains the map controls. You can zoom in and out there, if you don't want to use your mouse scroll wheel. You can also access the world map and switch between the normal map and the village view.

Help interface2.png

In the second block you can open several windows:

Help interface.png

Number Name Description
1 Reports Whenever something important happens in the game, you'll receive a report.
2 Messages Here you can find your conversations with other players.
3 Tribe Here you can access all the tribe functionality.
4 Tribe Forum A quick link to open the tribe forum.
5 Units An overview of all units in your village and their status and movement.
6 Overviews A list of all your villages with collected data of all kinds.
7 Shop / Inventory Here you can access your inventory and purchase some cool premium features.
8 Achievements An overview of your achievements and their progress.
9 Settings If you want to play together with your friends you can find the coop mode here. In addition several settings to customize the game.
10 Toggle timeline Toggle the timeline view of your current village.


Help timeline.png

In the timeline you can see events that are going to happen in the currently active village.

The 0 on the far left side is the present time. The further events are located to the right, the longer it will take to occur. The scale of the time-line is not linear. First the scale is in minutes (up to the 60) after that in hours (up to the 24) and the final numbers represent days.

You can scroll the timeline by dragging it to the left and right with your mouse.

The upper row shows all unit-movement related events like incoming attacks and support, as well as your returning armies.

In the bottom row you can see when a building or a recruitment order will be completed.


By clicking on an incoming attack icon you directly open the list with all inbound attacks for this village.


Help rankgings.png

You can access the ranking if you click on your current rank or the points in the upper left of your game screen.

Player Profile

Help profile player.png

To see your profile, you can simply click on your name in the upper left of your game screen.

There you can edit your avatar picture, write a profile text and select the achievements you want to show to other players if they view your profile.

Village Info

Help village info.png

Here you can see the currently active village with its coordinates on the map. If you have more than one village, there are arrow buttons to switch between your villages.

You can click on the name to open a window with more detailed information where you can also change the name of that village.


Help groups.png

You can assign groups to villages for easier management. Groups are displayed on the map and very useful in the later game if you own multiple villages with a different strategic focus.

Help groups map.png


Groups can also be assigned to enemy villages. You can use this for example to mark offensive and defensive villages after spying on them.

Your coop partners can see these groups as well, so it's a great tool to communicate potential attack plans or things like that.


Also see Resources and Provisions in Basics


Help quests.png

Quests are located on the left side of the screen. In Tribal Wars 2 you always have questlines shown here instead of single quests. A questline is usually comprised of multiple quests, and you can decide in which order you want to finish them. After completing all quests in a questline, you can finish the questline itself. (see left column) For a complete list of all quest, go to: Quest overview.

Global Information

On the right side of the screen you can find important notifications for different events. You can extend and collapse this window with the arrow button.

GI full.png

Event Types

Beginners protection active

Noob protection.png

You will see this in the beginning of the game as long as your village is protected from attacks. With a click on the Crown button you can extend this protection.

Incoming attacks

Incoming attacks.png

If you see this, one or more of your villages will get attacked soon. The upper number shows you the total number of attacks. The lower one shows the number of villages where an attack is imminent.

Incoming support

Incoming support.png

This is the same as the incoming attack event, but it shows you the inbound support operations instead.

Loyalty counter (visible if under 100)


This notification is only displayed if the loyalty of the currently selected village is below 100.

Night Bonus active

Night bonus.png

On some worlds, there is a night bonus active for a couple of hours each day. You will also see this notification if you turned off the night graphics in the settings.

Building Queue

Help build queue.png

This is the building queue for the currently selected village. By clicking on an empty slot you can access the Headquarters. By clicking on a building icon in the queue you can open details about the build job where you can cancel the job or complete it by spending Crowns.

Unit bar

Help unit bar.png

The unit bar gives you a quick overview of all units that you have trained in the selected village. Clicking an icon will open the related building where you can recruit the unit.

Important note: Units from other villages that are supporting your village are also included.

Village Overview

If you click on a village on the map you will see a context menu. Depending on the village you clicked on and your currently selected village you will get the available options.

Village context menu

Help open building.png Opens the related building window.
Help building info.png Shows general information about the building. For example, what bonus you will get on the current building level, and the costs for the next level.
Help upgrade.png Upgrades the building.
Help reduced costs.png Upgrades the building with reduced resource costs for a small amount of Crowns.
Help instant build.png Finishes the upgrade progress instantly. You have to spend Crowns for this action. The longer the remaining time, the more Crowns you have to invest.

Map View

If you click on a village on the map you will see a context menu. Depending on the village you clicked on and your currently selected village you will get the available options.

Map context menu

Image Description Availability
Help village info map.png This button opens the village info window where you get detailed information about the village, the player, travel times for units etc. Available for all villages.
Helpd send army.png This button allows you to send a custom amount of units to another village. For attack or support purposes. Available for all villages, except the currently selected one.
Helpd send preset.png This buttons allows you to send an army preset to another village. For attack or support purposes. Available for all villages, except the currently selected one, if you have at least one preset there.
Help send last.png Clicking this button repeats the last sent army or sent preset command if enough units are available. Available after you have sent an attack or support.
Helpd send spies.png To find out what buildings or units are inside another village, use this button. Available after you have built the tavern.
Help send resources.png This button allows you to send resources to another village. Available for your own villages after you have built the market. For other villages you have to research "Delivery" in the market.
Help send message.png Send a message to the owner of that village. Available for player villages.
Help set active village.png Changes the currently active village. Available if you own more than one village.