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Main Menu

File:Help interface

In the main menu, you have access to the most important features.

The first block contains the map controls. You can zoom in and out there, if you don't want to use your mouse scroll wheel. You can also access the world map and switch between the normal map and the village view.

In the second block you can open several windows:

1. Overviews. A list of all your villages with collected data of all kinds

2. Reports. Whenever something important happens in the game, you'll recieve a report.

3. Messages. Here you can find your conversations with other players.

4. Tribe. Here you can access all the tribe functionality.

5. Tribe Forum. A quick link to open the tribe forum.

6. Units. An overview of all units in your village and their status and movement.

7. Shop. Here you can access your inventory and purchase some cool premium features.

8. Settings. If you want to play together with your friends you can find the coop mode here. In addition several settings to customize the game.

9. Achievements. The overview over your achievements and their progress.

The button on the left opens the timeline.



Player Profile

Village Info




Global Information

Building Queue

Unit bar

Village overview

Village context menu

Map View

= Map context menu