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FAQ - Tribe Skills

You can read the wiki page on Tribe Skills here.

The Tribe Leader is inactive. How can we distribute Skill Points now?

Only the Tribe Leader and members with the 'Skills' right can distribute Skill Points. It is very important that the Tribe Leader assigns specific rights to trusted members early on, so a possible inactivity can be compensated.

Do I always generate 1 Tribe Experience Point for each Crown I donate?

No. Experience Points generated this way scale up with every Tribe Level gained.

I am playing on an older realm and realized that my Tribe can only invest Skill Points in 'Strength in Numbers'. Is this a bug?

It is not. Your current Tribe Member Limit is lower than your actual member count. You will have to invest Skill Points into 'Strength in Numbers' until the member count matches the limit of your Tribe before you can level other Skills.

Do Tribe Skill Effects stack with those of Officers?

Yes, they do.

Will Tribe Skills be available in my TW2 mobile app?

Most likely not in 2015. We are currently looking into ways to bring a lite version of this into the app sometime next year.

I am really confused with all the Tribe Skill terminology. What is the difference between donating resources, Tribe Experience, Honor Points and Skill Points?

All of the above mentioned terms are somewhat related to each other. Donating resources can be done by every member to work toward the next Tribe Level. Tribe Experience is needed to reach the next Tribe Level. Tribe Experience is generated by donating resources or Crowns. For each 100 resources donated this way, 1 Experience Point is granted to the Tribe. Honor Points are reflecting each member's donation power. 1 Honor Point is granted per 1.000 Experience Points created via donations by corresponding player. Skill Points are earned when leveling up your Tribe. Each Tribe Level generates 1 Skill Point that can be distributed by any member with the 'Skills' right.

Can i loose a Tribe Level by kicking a member who has contributed?

You will only loose Tribe Levels when you redistribute your skill points.

Can i take my donations with me, when i change tribes?

No, donations always belongs to the tribe that it was donated to.