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Coins are mandatory to train Nobles. They can be minted in Academy or earned from various game events (such as Gwendoline's game, game promotions, etc)

Within game there are two "types" of Coins. Both of them are for the same purpose: they help you to train Noblemen. The first type is the one you can mint from the Academy whilst the other can be earned from Gwendoline's game or through contests or promotion offers of the game.

Icon Description
Paladin coins.jpg This type of Coins can be minted in the Academy and you must have the equivalent resources to mint each one.
Building coins.jpg This type is an Item. When you have it in your Inventory and you decide to use it, it can give you an amount of Coins equal by "Y x villages" you own at the moment you're using it. For example, if you own 5 villages and the item is a 5xCoins, you'll get 25 Coins upon its usage.

Number Y can vary and it's not a fixed amount. After you use the item, Coins are instantly available and you can start training your Noblemen in the village you want.