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You get bashpoints after every batlle. The bash points shows you how successful you have been as attacker (offensive bash-points) or as defender (defensive basah-points). The number of bash-points gained from killing a unit depends on you being an attacker of defender.

See the table for more information.

unit Offensive bash-points Defensive bash-points
Spearman 4 1
Swordsman 5 2
Axe fighter 1 4
Archer 5 2
Light Cavalry 5 13
Mounted Archer 6 12
Heavy Cavalry 23 15
Ram 4 8
Catapult 12 10
Paladin 40 20
Nobleman 200 200
Berserker 10 25
Trebuchet 25 8

You can compare your bash-points with those from other players in the rankings. In the rankings there are columns for offensive, defensive and the sum of bash-points.